Kenwood Headset - KHS-10BH

Kenwood KHS-10BH Noise-Reduction Headset featuring a behind-the-head type headband and heavy-duty noise-reduction of 24 db. The noise-cancelling boom microphone aids in blocking unnecessary and unwanted background noises from being transmitted. This Kenwood headset features Push-To-Talk (PTT) which makes communication easier with all compatible ProTalk (TK) series 2-way radios.

Kenwood KHS-10BH Noise-Reduction Headset fits the following Kenwood radios;

  • NEXEDGE NX-220/320
  • NEXEDGE NX-420
  • ProTalk TK2170/3170
  • ProTalk TK-2173
  • ProTalk TK-2360/3360
  • ProTalk TK-2312/3312
  • ProTalk TK-2400/3400
  • ProTalk TK-2400VP/3400UP
  • ProTalk TK-2402V/3402V
  • ProTalk TK3230

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